Is Your Business First Clearing Empowered?

At First Clearing, our focus is fixed on how we can help you scale and grow your business in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We build relationships with quality firms, their leaders and advisors empowering each to compete and succeed.

Our Heritage

With a heritage dating to the early 1900s, First Clearing has deep roots in the retail brokerage business. We understand it. We think and perform like a retail brokerage firm. We know what it is to serve financial advisors serving clients. Our experience and the insights we've gleaned have garnered us a reputation for questioning, envisioning what lies ahead and innovating for the 21st century.

It all centers on helping the advisor do what's right for the client. In fact, we believe the primary role of First Clearing is to provide firms with the support and insights that ultimately foster trust between advisor and client. Everything else flows from sustainable advisor-client relationships. When the client succeeds, so to does the advisor and the firm.

Through our affiliation with Wells Fargo & Company, we are connected with a 164-year legacy built on perseverance and innovation. First Clearing is both comprehensive in scope and nimble...both broad in our offerings and highly client-centric. That means every firm allied with First Clearing has access to the vast resources, offerings and platform supporting our broader enterprise.

First Clearing At A Glance

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