Relationship Management

Advisors who focus on building relationships based on trust are able to demonstrate their value by understanding clients’ needs and helping to protect their interests – over time. Research shows that clients today place a high priority on a trusted relationship with their financial advisor – one that extends to the entire family and is supported by a personalize service model. First Clearing delivers tools, guidance and expertise to help forge lasting connections.

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Making sure what we deliver to the client is meaningful.

- Client Firm Financial Advisor

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Gen Y white paper cover

White Paper

gen y is ready to invest...are you ready to advise them?

Generation Y brings the greatest lifetime value of any generation in the investment marketplace. What should firms and advisors be doing now to engage Generation Y? First Clearing and The Center for Generational Kinetics explore the opportunity to serve millennials.


what does financial advice look like across generations?

Download this white paper to learn more about Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials attitudes, preferences and priorities about investment advice.

Today's Affluent

affluent clients prefer to meet with their advisors at least two times per year
less than nine percent of affluent clients are offered family finance discussions
only 6.3 percent of financial advisors are meeting affluent investor's expectations

*, 1, 2, 3 Source: White Papers jointly issued by First Clearing and The Oechsli Institute's "Best Practices of Today's Elite Advisors" 2015 and “Understanding Today’s Affluent” 2015